Mental health is our motivation

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TW: Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day, but this week also marks 2 years since we launched Sorella Virtual Assistance Ltd. Some things just align, and this fact is no coincidence.

Rewind two and half years, having just about survived post-natal depression, and then my first ‘breakdown’ in 2019, COVID hit and so did ‘breakdown’ number two. I was working in a corporate role that didn’t light me up, I was paying the bills, but I knew I could not continue in this cycle anymore. I was signed off work for the second time in a year, mentally unwell again, changing medication, trying my best to be a good mother, wife, friend, and feeling like I was failing at all of it. Kate, who had gone through the same trauma, was trying to be the ‘strong one’ and hold it together for my sake. Something had to give. We were fed up with just surviving, we deserved to thrive.

After a lot of research into what the fluff we could do that would enable us to have the freedom we both desired AND pay our mortgages, we bloomin’ did it. August 2020, Kate, and I decided enough was enough; We handed in our notices to our corporate jobs and in the October Sorella VA was officially launched! With adult responsibilities the risks were high, but oh my gosh would the reward be great.

Along with our families, looking after our mental health remains our biggest motivation.

Which is why helping and supporting our clients with theirs by simplifying workloads and creating a better-balanced work life will always be at the core of why we do what we do.

My name is Lucy and I live with anxiety and depression.

I am also a successful business owner.

The two can absolutely coexist.

What’s your superpower?

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